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This is a page for the Marina for the use of the Port Captain and Port Committee to more easily
reference suppliers and contractors for the Marina.
Last update on this page: 5/23/2022

Dock Decking: From previous Port Capt Mike Roberts: Timber Tech. www.timbertech.com.
Bill Georgelis, E Reg Sales Mgr. 894 Prairie Ave, Wilmington OH 45177. 866-862-7832, Cell 443-
829-0507, Fax 410-838-3948. Sells the plastic decking that looks like wood.

Dock Edge Lights: Blue solar powered night lights for edges of dock. Aponuo Solar Dock Light.
BO7WP7CVVF, 8 pack Update Pathway Lights. CLICK for user manual and specs. Originally
ordered through Amazon. CLICK for user manual and specs.

Dock Pilings and Construction: from past Commodore Bill Warner:
  Coral Marine, Billy McMillen, mobile # 305.916.9831

Dock Electrical Boxes: From previous Port Capt Mike Roberts:
Midwest Electrical Products, PO Box 910, Mankoto MN 56002-0910
References on the electrical boxes:  Rainproof Power Outlet, Type 3R enclosure,  U91BD007 on
one box lid, and MNP800002P in another.
Talked to Marti there at 507-345-2512. Main Cust svc # is 507-345-2505. Says the outlet cover lid
we need (slip 5) is replacement U91D00R1 for $39.95 each. Call with credit card for
shipping. They donít make the other external covers for the 30a boxes - that must have
been an add on by the contractor.

Dock 30A Elec Outlet covers on the Midwest Electrical Boxes: From previous Port Capt Mike
Roberts.  Carlon (30A covers - for wet locations) Lawson & Sessions Co.

Dock Boxes Unlimited - dock boxes, power pedestals, dock floats, ladders, bumpers, more

Dock Cable TV outlet covers: From previous Port Capt Mike Roberts. Scepter - made in Canada
(for wet locations)

Docks Unlimited: Custom built docks, PWC and boat lifts. DIY items.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance: (count 7 of them): From previous Port Capt Mike Roberts:
Monroe County Fire Equipment, Serviced by:  Charles Perez
81888 Overseas Highway, PO Box 241, Islamorada FL 33036, Tel: 305-664-8111
Owner  Robert Dillon, Technician Ray Cerra Jr

Marina Dock Equipment: https://www.nauticexpo.com/cat/marina-equipment/other-dock-
equipment-YA-958.html . Nautical Expo.

Marina Dockage - magazine dedicated to boatyard management, including suppliers

Marine Supplies: Kellog Marine Supply - Land and Sea. Wholeseller. Must set up account before

PumpOut: As of May 2022 Call Edson in MA who made the pump and sells parts and service. In
2022  having difficulty in having local plumbers respond, but Edson has people in S Florida.
Edson - 508.995.9711.  Click HERE for more detailed notes and contact phone numbers.
Use them for the tubes, fittings, hose, adapters, etc.. 5/22

PumpOut: From previous Port Capt Mike Roberts: Mariner Technologies, Inc. Tierra Verde, FL
Tel 727-866-1185 (Checked with the operator & this is listed to David someone in St Pete).
CLICK for notes.

Pumpout: From previous Port Capt Mike Roberts: John M Ellsworth Co, Milwaukee WI. Supplier of
dock fittings for pumpout. CLICK here for some graphical pics & prices.
https://www.jmesales.com/marina-equipment/  Tel: 800-333-3331.

PumpOut Hoses: From previous Port Capt Mike Roberts: FLEXICRAFT for hoses - 800-533-1024
x1344 John.  Model PS2 hose from 1.5 to 4.0 inches in diam, smooth bore, outer helix,
www.flexicraft.com, plastic suction hose. RickB@flexicraft.com - sales manager.
(donít use them - bad service - go to the MTH City Marina and contact their suppliers.

PumpOut Service: George's Plumbing of the Keys, inc. Marathon FL. Tel 305.289.0771.

Listing of Suppliers for Marina:
Business Company